Licence agreement for lodger England & Wales is a legally binding tenancy agreement prepared by a specialist estate solicitor.
Fill in on the dotted lines and 🖨️ print when ready. You need 2 copies. Both parties, landlord and tenant need to sign and keep 1 copy.

Licence agreement for lodger England & Wales

  • The room

  • means the part at the Property which has been nominated by the Owner and agreed to by the Lodger
  • The owner

    whose address is the Property above
  • The lodger

  • The period

    weeks/months* beginning on
  • Early termination

    Either party may at any time end this Licence earlier than the end of the Period by giving to the other written notice of week(s)/month(s)
  • The fee

    £ per week/month* payable in advance on the day of each week/month*
  • The deposit

  • The inventory

    means the list of the Owner’s possessions at the Property/Room* which has been signed by the Owner and the Tenant
  • Dated

  • Signed

    The Owner
    Full name

    The Lodger
    Full name
  • (For a Room in a Furnished House or Flat with a Resident Owner)

This house/flat share agreement comprises the particulars detailed above and the terms and conditions printed overleaf whereby the Room is licensed by the Owner and taken by the Lodger for occupation during the Term upon making the Payment.

Important notice

  1. 1. This form of Agreement is for use in those cases where the room is part of a house or flat which the Owner occupies as his/her only or principal home, so that as Assured shorthold Tenancy is not created.
  2. 2. This form of Agreement does not require either party to give any form of notice to the other at the end of the fixed Term, but I if either party wishes too end this Agreement early, as referred to in the definition of the TERM near the middle of this Agreement, then a Notice to Terminate may be used.

Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. This Agreement is personal to the Lodger, is not assignable, and will terminate automatically without any notice if the Lodger ceases to reside at the Property or at any time more than two of the payments are due and unpaid.
  2. 2. The Lodger will:

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  3. 9. When the context so admits:
    1. 9.1 the 'Owner' includes the successors in title to the Owner’s interest in the Property,
    2. 9.2 the 'Property' includes all of the Owner’s fixtures and fittings at or upon the Property and all of the items listed in the Inventory and (for the avoidance of doubt) the Room,
    3. 9.3 the 'Therm shall mean the period stated in the particulars overleaf or any shorter or longer period in the event of an earlier termination or an extension or holding over respectively.
    4. 9.4 All references to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and any obligations or liabilities of more than one person shall be join and several and an obligation on the part of a party shall include an obligation not to allow or permit the breach of that obligation.
    5. 9.5 All references to 'he', 'him' and 'his' shall be taken to include 'she', 'her' and 'hers'.

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