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Long Term Home - Central Location - Cosy and quiet

Allanfield, Edinburgh, EH75YH View map

Posted 7/12/2018, updated 2 months, 3 weeks ago (27/7/2019).

Double bedroom £375/month + £450 deposit - Flatshare
Available all week immediately for 12 months or over.

Know that the final decision belongs to the agency. This implies the following: . It will take them some time to perform the checks and this after we decided we are happy to live together. . will require 3 months payslips ( uk), . will perform a credit check, . might need guarantor if the credit check fails . will expect the new tenant to stay for at least a year ( so, long term lease only). If you do not meet one of those condition, I’m afraid we’ll lose our time because they will refuse the application.


My name is Chrystel and I’m a 33yo professional. I’ve been living in Edinburgh for about 6 years and in this current property for 3. Living by myself is great but takes a tow on my finances as living in Edinburgh is dear.

I’m looking for someone to share a home, responsibilities and way of life. I’m also looking for a female professional over 30yo.


I have lived with Flatmates in the past and I had it all. I’m not looking for someone to move in just because they need a place. This presentation might seem very harsh, but I’m honest and straight to the point. I’m also nice and fun.

I’m renting a flat to an agency. As they do not allow subletting, I only get one shot at this as the person selected will have to sign a lease with all the paperwork that it does implies, I hope this explains why I’m being thourough. I’m not in a hurry so I will take my time to pick the right person.

We’ll both be renting someone else’s property and that it will have to be looked after as our own.

Below you will find a detail of how I see living with flatmate. If you feel you agree with the following views, give me a shout. If you feel it’s too much, it’s probably not for you. I’m not rigid on all of those points, we can discuss them, but then again, you must have a sense of generally be on board/ wanting the same or you will not be happy living here.

Amongst all my past sharing experiences, the ones that works best were the ones where both part considered the place theirs, and took care of it as such. It’ll only just be you and me so open communication is a must. Hopefully everything goes well and we don’t get there but a will to find commun ground and solution towards disagreements is important too. If you are not willing to solve problems when they arise, it might turn into resentment and I wouldn’t want any of us to live with someone we resent. In other words, if there is a problem, un-comfort or else, let’s talk about it.

I want a home that has a sense of friendship /family, if you know what I mean. Respecting each other is at the top of my list and I will be social and discrete whatever times is fit for it. It means that some nights I will be in the sitting room watching tv, some others, in my bedroom. Basically, go with the feeling. I would hate to see any if us going to an extreme or the other. From there, I hope we’d share a glass of wine in front of a movie from time to time.

Receiving people in the flat is totally cool, unless it happens every night, and even a text to check that it’s ok last minute is better than showing up unannounced and respect towards each other. Receiving people to stay is also fine, but might need to be discussed before :) I have friends and family in other countries that come and stay for short period of time. I will always check that it’s ok with you before to confirm with them.

As part of the renting agreement, we are to, quarterly, clean oven, defrost fridge, wash windows, clean skirting boards and ventilate the flat regularly. I’m looking for someone that is willing to share these responsibilities and not leave it all for whomever wants to do it. Nobody does, it just has to be done. Alongside with this, I clean after myself to leave you a clean and available space to cook, shower or whatever else. I’m expecting the same from you. Regular ( at least once a week) cleaning of the communal parts is implied. It also means sharing the cost of the cleaning products. Know that I’m maybe a bit more thorough with cleaning than most people, as I leave the place the way I would like to find it. If I feel uncomfortable with something I will come discuss it. As examples, I would pickup my hair from the drain after washing them and rinse the shower from any cream, conditioner etc, wipe inevitable marks from the toilet, deal with dirty and washed/dried dishes in a timely manner, not let anything mould about……. If you are laid back, you are not going to like living here, but it is not hell either. Only commun sense and respect to each other.

Finally, there is a big sense of ecological responsibilities in the flat. It doesn’t only means recycling, but thinking about what is bought and how it’s bought to limit the waste. I currently shop in package-less places, and food is stored in jars as much as possible. It isn’t always, but I try my best and I would love a flatmate that feels the same.


You will have a cute double bedroom, furnished with a bed, a chest of drawer and a wardrobe.

The place is very quiet and the property gives into a cute communal garden. The flat has electric central heating, carpet all over and double glazing. Kitchen, sitting room and bathroom will be communal spaces. It’s very homey and cosy.

The rent is £375/ month to pay to the agency and the bills are roughly an extra £151 on top of that.

Electricity: Bulb - £45 Broadband: Virgin: £19.365 Council tax: Band D: £86.08

Electricity charges will have to be adapted during winter. We have no Tv licence as I don’t watch BBC, if you wanted to watch it you would have to get one. In summary, you can budget about £525 all bills in ( and maybe an extra £10 for cleaning, toilet papers etc… commonly used supplies.).

The place is very well situated, 15/20mins walk to Waverley/ Bus station/ tram terminus ( York place). Lidl, Tesco express, Scotmid, Iceland, and Sainsburry’s are shop situated either side of the location ( in between easter road and Leith walk). We are also very close to Meadowbank. Buses 1, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 22, 25, 49 ( and maybe even more) are in between 4 to 8 mins walk.


If you feel that the Flatmate expectation part describes a bit of the life style you would like too, let’s grab a coffee and find out a be more about each other. I feel that this is best done face to face. However just to give you an idea, here are some of my interests:

. Music ( I play guitar, and sing) . Travel ( I like discovering new places/ cultures) . Craft ( where do I start? ….) . Food ( eating, baking, cooking…) . Socialising ( home or out) . Environment / sustainability (trying to do my bit without overdoing it and getting frustrated about it) . Languages ( I speak 3 and sign 1) . Walks/ hike ( I love going for fresh air and walk places I haven’t been before)

I’m looking forward to meet you and get to know you, as if you didn’t get scared by my description, we might get along just fine :D. If you have any question, do not hesitate to send me a message :)

Speak soon. Chrystel

About the household

  • Smoker Yes
  • Pets No
  • Couple No
  • Children No
  • Housing benefit No
  • № of people 1
  • Age 33
  • Gender Female
  • Orientation Straight
  • Occupation Working
  • 1st language French

Welcomed flatmate

  • Smoker Yes
  • Pets No
  • Couple No
  • Children No
  • Housing benefit No
  • № of people 1
  • Age 30 +
  • Gender Female
  • Occupation Working

Bills included

  • Gas ⚡, Water, Landline, Tax No

Facilities available

  • Washmachine Yes
  • Dryer No
  • Dishwasher No
  • Cent. heating Yes
  • Garden/Patio Yes
  • Parking Yes
  • WiFi Yes
  • TV Yes

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