When flatsharing, keep your valuables safe

Whilst flatsharing we bump in to a variety of people, from your new best friend, to the constant talker, to the slightly odd flatmate. Although you’d probably end up getting on with most of these and you’d probably share a pack of rolo’s with them, you have to think, do I really know them.

That’s why we advise people to carry on the fun life of flatsharing but think twice before leaving any valuables hanging around when you’re not using them.

This maybe your iPod, laptop, mobile phone, PlayStation, car keys or even your wallet. Leaving these valuables downstairs overnight and having 6 other flatmates could make it hard to find the culprit, if something goes missing.

So it’s best to keep valuables safe and locked away in your room when you’re not using them and if you don’t have a lock on your room door, I’m sure most landlords would deem it a reasonable request for you to have one for your own privacy.

Last week flatmate Laszlo Vadaszi, 37 years old hungarian, living in Belfast used his flatmate's and his landlord's bank cards without their knowledge racking up spending of over £3,000 on internet gambling. He managed to bet around £1,200 in one session and then further wagers to the value of £2,000.

Luckily in this case the banks refunded the money to the victims and Vadaszi handed himself in to police. This week he appeared before Belfast Magistrates Court charged with theft and two counts of fraud by false representation. He received a six-month suspended prison sentence avoiding jail.

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