Watch out for flatshare advert premium rate 070 numbers

Looking for a flatshare is fun but remember to have your wits about you, not all people are honest.

We have a blog article here to help keep you safe but we thought we’d highlight “070 numbers”. These numbers look like regular mobile numbers 07048 451 4** but can charge a whopping 50p a minute from a landline and from mobiles much more.

Scam artists buy these numbers. Place them on adverts or contact you via email and tell you to call them on the number, this happens in all industries.

Once you call the number they keep you on the phone for as long as possible, they also use techniques like keeping you on hold and playing long answer phone messages, even asking you to call back again on different occasions as they keep you hooked.

You’ll find out they have nothing to do with the flatshare you enquired about and sometimes too late when you’re outside the door.

When you receive your shocking bill, ringing up your phone company normally doesn’t help as they’ll tell you that you made the calls and they won’t be able to do anything.

So remember to check numbers, mobile phone numbers never start 070.

At Flatmaterooms we keep our members safe by removing adverts and users that use 070 numbers in their adverts.

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