Speed flatmating

Speed flatmating

I've heard of Speed dating before but recently I've come across the new phenomenon of speed flatmating. Landlords, flatmates, and tenants meet together at an event to spend a few minutes interviewing each other to see if they can live together.

This speed interviewing process enables flatmates to ask questions they feel is important when finding someone to move in, landlords also get to meet potential tenants and judge them in a few minutes.

I think speed flatmating is quite a good idea as it gets people with the same goal of renting or providing accommodation all in the same room, but I'm not sure what questions you would ask, and I don't think 3 minutes is enough time to judge a persons character.

However, most speed flatmating events will split you into certain groups of areas so you don't waste time speaking to flatmates who live out of the area you are looking for. You get a good first impression and although you can't tell everything from them you can get a good feel of whether you're going to get on. Sharing a house mate does not mean you are going to be best mates, although can happen, so don't go into it with too high expectations. Look for someone who asks decent questions, has a personality you can get on with and gives good answers to your questions.

I have never been speed flatmating before but will be trying it soon (so I'll let you know how I get on) but I've been thinking about what questions to ask. I'm not sure if asking hygiene questions is appropriate and probably wouldn't give off a good impression but its a valid question when moving in together. I'll probably stick to hobbies and interests and hope to meet someone that will join me to watch match of the day.


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