Probably The Best Flatmates In The World

We all know and love the Carlsberg adverts, ‘probably the best beer in the world’, well this funny video was the advert from a few years ago showing the best flatmates in the world.

In this video, it shows a man responding to an ad in the paper for a room to rent, when he turns up he is greeted by a gorgeous girl, who likes football, a laid back guy, and another beautiful girl who won’t let anyone else cook.

The laid back guy shows our hero around the flat, showing off a wall gadget that sucks up mess like a hoover at the touch of a button, then apologises for our hero having the box room. On entering the room it is huge with batchelor pad style decorations, then as they go onto the balcony they see the best bit of all… the balcony overlooks a football stadium.

This advert amused many people when it came out and has been re released a few times to go out before big football matches.

Is this what you want in a flat share? I’m sure many people would agree, but we can’t all be so lucky so what is important in a good flatmate?

When sharing a flat you may know the people you move in with, or you may not, either way you will get to know them pretty well in the months or years of living together. But you have to be tolerant and understanding, when you move into a flat you come into it with your own habits as do your flatmates. When living in close proximity these habits can clash and tensions can rise but don’t let this ruin your relationship, once you get used to each other you can become good friends.

I made my best friends when I lived with them in a flatshare and we are still mates years later. They weren’t swedish blonde and 34-24-34 but they were probably the best Carlsberg drinkers in the world.


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