Parents Filling Empty Bedrooms

Are your children not your little babies no more, are they now all grown up and made that decision to gain their own independence to stand on their own 2 feet to move out of your family home?

Parents react in different ways many really missing their children, missing the responsibility they had and others happy they don’t have to clean up after them, forever borrowing them money and making all their meals.

But we all have the same decision what to do with the empty room? Does dad go and buy a massive TV and turn it in to his cinema room or does mum turn it in to a reading and relaxation room or like most people it ends up being a junk room and over time it gets full of stuff you don’t use.

Or like many home owners do you make that decision to rent out that empty room.

People do it for different reasons like:

Many homeowners have been earning themselves an extra £75 - £200 a Week.

To give you an idea of what your spare room will be worth search your local area here Flatshares.

The Room

Have a look at the room, Sarah’s pink wall paper will have to come down, choose a neutral colour wallpaper or paint, replace worn carpets, make sure the room has a good bed, wardrobe,maybe a desk and a TV then hay pesto the have a room to rent :).

But I’m earning income don’t I have to pay tax?

Most homeowners don’t have to worry about this as the Government allows you to earn up to £4,250 tax free without the need to register your revenue using the Rent a Room Scheme as long as you’re renting a furnished room in your own home, for more information visit our advice centre page rent a room scheme.

If you have a room to rent or want to test the water and see what replies you get list your advert here Advertise my room to rent.

Gareth the Co-owner of Flatmaterooms says: Lots of homeowners now rent out there rooms after their children move on and these days the demand for rooms outweighs the amount of rooms on the market, making this ideal for landlords to fill their rooms.

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