Listings on sites within our network and the wider web

You may not know that when posting your advert to FlatmateRooms, it will also appear on other sites within our network and the wider web.

So where else does it go?

Our network

  1. You know this one, just good old FlatmateRooms that outgrown its domain name and lists flatmates, flatshares as well as rental properties and tenants looking.
  2. lists roomrental and roommate adverts in popular UK locations with homepage for each major town and city using simplified listings.
  3. lists smaller self contained units such as studio apartments and bedsits accross the UK and potential tenants who are looking for them. Adverts are listed here if member chose "studio" as a type of the property or listed on FlatmateRooms a whole property with one bedroom.

External sites

  1. lovely guys at Trovit daily read our XML export feed and lists all properties and flatshares on offer with a small delay.
  2. Generic search engines Google, Bing and other search engines index and list our adverts pretty quick as we give them a prod when new adverts go live using sitemaps protocol. If you use a good title for your advert (think about what people might search for when they are looking for it) and link up your FlatmateRooms advert from external site for bonus points (Tweet it, link it from your public social media profile etc) chances are that your advert on its own will naturally rank on the first page for terms containing your local area. We also pay Google a sum every day to give a boost to the site and local listings.

What happens when you are sorted and turn off you advert?

Ads will disappear instantly from sites in our network. Trovit will delist adverts next day. Googlebot and Bingbot are crawling the site all the time so after you turn off your advert, it gets archived to their supplementary index and won't be appearing in searches.


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