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Lets With Pets statistics show that Landlords who exclude pet owners from their properties are missing out on a large chunk of the rental market as 43% of the population currently own a pet. By adopting a pet-friendly approach, you can easily increase demand for your property and attract long-term, responsible tenants.

Finding privately rented accommodation that allows pets can be very difficult. Many pet owners are forced to live in unsuitable properties or keep their pets without consent from their landlord. In some extreme cases, we know that owners are even having to give up their pets or else face becoming homeless. We'd like more landlords to have this information available so they can see what they are missing out on.

Statistics also show that most people don't keep a 6-foot Burmese Python. Large snakes didn't even make it to the *top 10*. I'd advise landlords posting adverts on our site to leave out the pets option for later discussion.

It’s estimated that 43% of the population currently own a pet[1] and almost 5 million people live in privately rented accommodation in the UK[2]. Yet few landlords will rent their properties to tenants with pets.

Top 15 Pets in the UK

Almost 1 in 2 or more precisely 46% UK households own a pet.

  1. Dog: 22%
  2. Cat: 18%
  3. Indoor Fish: 9%
  4. Outdoor Fish: 6%
  5. Rabbits: 2.7%
  6. Indoor Birds: 2%
  7. Guinea Pigs: 1.5%
  8. Hamster: 1.4%
  9. Domestic Fowl: 0.6%
  10. Horses/Ponies: 0.2%
  11. Tortoises/turtles: 0.6%
  12. Gerbils: 0.1%
  13. Snakes: 0.4%
  14. Lizards: 0.6%
  15. Rats: 0.4%

Source: PFMA

As the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust receives many enquiries from pet owners who are struggling to find privately rented accommodation that will accept their pets. All too often people are forced to live in unsuitable properties or keep pets without consent from their landlord. In some extreme cases, owners are even having to give up their pets or else face becoming homeless.

In a recent survey* by Dogs Trust:

Dogs Trust has launched its Lets with Pets campaign to show landlords and letting agents that renting properties to tenants with pets can be straightforward and does make business sense. By following the simple steps set out in this booklet, anyone can maximise their property’s rental potential.

[1] Pet Food Manufacturers Association Annual Report 2008 www.pfma.org.uk
[2] Figure based on data taken from www.arla.co.uk and the Office for National Statistics, General Housing
Survey 2006
[*] Taken from a Dogs Trust survey of 1417 pet owners, June 2008.

Not many landlords allow pets and therefore if you do, you will have an edge over the competition in your area.
Pet-friendly landlord

The majority of pet owners are responsible and prepared to pay a larger deposit.
Steadfast Property Management

Most people have some form of pet ...if you cut them all out you’d have no tenants.
Pet-friendly landlord

Case Studies

I rented my two bedroom house to a family with a dog and it was a very positive experience. The tenants brought their dog with them on the second viewing so I could meet him and see for myself that he was well behaved. They even offered to pay a higher deposit. They moved out after 18 months and the property was left in a good condition with no sign of a dog ever having lived there.

I found that because we offered the property to tenants with pets, we found tenants very quickly. I would definitely rent my property to tenants with pets again.

Ben, Norwich

I use Belvoir Lettings in Rugby to look after my properties for me and they take a higher deposit from the tenant to cover the possible cost of carpet cleaning or repairing any damage that a pet may cause. This gives me extra reassurance that there will not be any problems.

I have let houses to tenants with both dogs and cats and would far rather the property was occupied by a responsible pet owner than left empty.

Hilary, Rugby

My female tenant wanted a cat to keep her company. After checking that the leasehold agreement did allow pets, I agreed to let her get one. Although I did have some initial reservations, the flat is still immaculate two years later and she remains a model tenant.

I am so pleased I allowed her to have the cat as it has encouraged her to stay and allowed me to keep a good long term tenant.

Sheila, Wiltshire

When I bought a buy-to-let property I decided I wasn’t going to miss out on potentially good tenants by rejecting pet owners. I have had tenants with cats and have happily allowed them to install a cat flap.

In today’s economy there are so many rental houses on the market that tenants can afford to be choosy. As many of them are pet owners it doesn’t make sense to rule them out, particularly when you can cover any accidental damage with an extra deposit or a clause in the tenancy agreement.

Andrea, Grantham

Download the full guide as provided by letswithpets.org.uk

If you posted an ad already don't forget to edit your ad to leave the pets option for discussion instead of ruling out a massive chunk of the market upfront.


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