Landlords Get a Better Rep

Landlord Rising Damp

Since the recession it seems that the traditional impression we have of Landlords has improved, Landlord Assistis has claims that stereotypes of the buy-to-let landlord has improved because of the Credit Crunch.

As property prices reached their peak in 2006/2007 perception of landlords was typical of the 70's sit com Rising Damp where the landlord Rupert Rigsby is greedy and miserly and a bit of a creep. When the property market was booming UK landlords were often accused of this stereotype, accused of setting high rents and not paying for repairs or maintenance to their properties.

Since the recession a lot of people have been forced into sub standard rental accommodation, but it isn't just tenants that have been hit, Landlords have been stuck with high mortgage payments and tougher legislation but Landlord Assist believe that Landlords have earned and been given a much better reputation.

He said: "The credit crunch has forced more and more people to turn to rented accommodation over the last 18 months. This has helped to remove bad landlords from the UK rental market and made those remaining much more socially aware, with affordable accommodation and high quality customer service becoming a priority."

Institutional investors have also introduced high quality rental accommodation to the market and enforced others to provide better quality accommodation in order to compete.

"It's good to see UK Landlords are getting a fairer rep, I have been in plenty of rented accommodation but only ever had good landlords, I've never had to put up with the Rigsbys of this world."


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