Gay flatshare

Search for gay or lesbian flatshare. Flatshare adverts on FlatmateRooms can optionally display a preference for gay flatmate, gay flatshare as well as lesbian or gay couple.

Filling the orientation in the "about me" section of your ad as appropriate allows other members to find your advert using the orientation search option.

You can post a gay flatshare advert here or just search for your area from the homepage and click your search options.

Special thanks for all the feedback from the LGTB community, who helped to shape the design: Eleanor Saunders @EleanorCS, Sophie Lewis from MSc Nature (Society & Environmental Policy), Cassian Lodge @lottiotta, Darren Naylor from, Anna from, Tyler Smith, Julia Cloughley-Sneddon, Kevin McNamara, Bill Dare, Jen Lavery, Paul.Clayton, Lauren G, Chris Darby, Beverly Wilson, Alistair Stevenson, Anna Mason, Hestia, Jo Mueller, Jack Price, Emily Ruddock, Luke McGee, Ruth Martin & Bram, Amy Crowe, Chloe Barker, Matt Winkworth, Trampenfurter, Marie Sandland, Thomas Midlane from and many others.



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