Flatshare Fridge of the Future

Flatshare Fridge

I could use one of these when I was Flatsharing. This could be the new future. Flatshare fridge that might finally stop tough arguments about who ate my food or why do I have to clean up their mess. The fridge allows each person in the household to have their own personal space. It consists of a base station and up to 4 stackable sections.

Each compartment has a tall section for bottles as well as sections for vegetables and even frozen foods. These sections can be further customized with various colourful skins and add-ons like a whiteboard or bottle openers

The Flatshare Fridge was the winner of the Electrolux Design Lab Competition and was created by Stefan Buchberger from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna scoping a prize of 5000 and a six-month internship at one of Electrolux global design centres.


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