Flatmates and homeowners wanted for bold, new channel 4 show

Stuff. Do we have too much of it? How much do we really need? Who are we without the things we own?

The average British household owns £3500 worth of unused clutter, the average user picks up their phone 1500 times, we use our phone the equivalent of one full day a week.

A typical British woman will own 1116 tops, 620 dresses, 558 trousers/jeans a lifetime, as well as 22 things she never wears at all. One in three people have enough unused stuff to fill an entire bedroom.

What happens if we take it all away?
What happens when we are literally stripped of all our possessions – do the things we own improve our lives or does the drive to consume simply serve to make us feel confined and less happy?

This ground-breaking 90-minute special for Channel 4 will be filmed over 30 days in February/March 2016.

At the start of this potentially life-changing experience, our contributors will – quite literally – be stripped bare: giving up all their worldly goods. Gradually they’ll prioritise which of their possessions to get back, working out what’s most important to them.

This will be an immersive journey for each of the contributors. Will they feel free of their materialistic desires or will the pull of their possessions still be there?

If you’re interested in this exciting project and want to find out more, please email undressed@princesstv.com , or call for more information: 020 7985 1808

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