Barack Obama Voted Students Ideal Flatmate

Barack Obama drinking a beer

Yes you read it right, Barack Obama was named students ideal Flatmate in a recent student poll.

Obama’s clean-living lifestyle, high intelligence and dynamism made him the clear favourite housemate over UK politicians, a whole host of famous faces and current housemates.

So it looks like David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg need to polish up their skills to be more student and flatmate friendly.

The survey involved over 1,100 UK University students.

We were surprised to see that than 51% of students wanted to live with a tidy and intelligent person, confessing the current flatmates drive them crazy leaving a mess everywhere and eating each other’s food and only 14% crave a ‘rich and generous’ housemate and living with a ‘sexy and gorgeous’ flatmate was even lower at only 11%. So budge over Paris Hilton and pull up a chair Mr Obama.

--Gareth (pic choice Frank)

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