The 16 most likely types of flatmates that will get you packing

Nothing beats the great life experience of flatsharing and making friends along the way but the type of flatmates you shared with. These are the flatmates that will get on your nerves, flatmates to watch out for, flatmates to filter while interviewing, flatmates that will get you packing.

Have a look at our list, which one are you?

1. The Untidy One

This is one of the most encountered and complained about type of flatmate. A lot of the time these flatmates won’t even realise they're being messy, leaving plates on the side or living room floor with dried up food on or not cleaning the bathroom is just normal to them. These manage to make a mess everywhere they go. Venturing in to their bedroom is a big no no.

2. The Scrounger

The scrounger flatmate is the one when it comes to the end of the week, they have no money left and always need to borrow a few quid, which in most cases you’ll never get back and always seems to make you feel sorry for them when you’re ordering a takeaway.


3. The Food Thief

“I’m sure I brought a full pint of milk the other day”, yes this is the food thief flatmate in action, they wait until you’re out and have the philosophy what’s yours is mine, even trying to disguise the devious ways. This normally ends up with tenants taking drastic measure and labelling their food.

4. The Relationship Flatmate

This is the one that started having their partner sleep over a few times a month and now it's like they virtually live there, taking up more room, paying no extra rent and using double the utilities. 

5. The Gamer

Door shut, computer on!  Yes, this is the gamer flatmate. Once that door's shut, you’ll know he’s in some kind of Call of Duty lockdown. These creatures do surface when hungry but soon go back to their command centre bedroom once fed.

6. The Liar

This is the flatmate that has told so many stories, you start to wonder what's real and what's not. If you tell them you've been to Austrialia they've been to the moon, you get the gist.

7. The Chatterbox

Yes, this is the flatmate that starts chatting straight away when you have just got in from a hard day at uni or work. By the end of the night you’ll end up reaching for the paracetamol.

8. The Clinger

That one flatmate that just never leaves you alone. They always want to do stuff with you, walk to uni with you, have dinner with you, everywhere you go the clinger goes. You have friends, these are now the clinger's friends and you’ll feel bad to say no.

9. The Dater Flatmate

It’s like blind date when they walk through the door, revealing their next conquest. Usually followed by ‘I'm just going to my room’. You’ll soon be shopping for a new pair of beats headphones. Some people in flatshares have a ‘what's mine is yours and what’s yours is mine’ rule. This doesn’t apply here, dating another flatmate's girl is a big no no.

10. The Bathroom Hogger

Yes I’m sure most of us have come across these ones. You thought your sister hogged the bathroom when you lived at home, well wait till you’re in a flatshare with a few people, you’ll be setting your alarm earlier each day to get in there first.

11. The Pranksters

Definitely have a lock on your door when living with a prankster. Flatmate pranksters are always up for a laugh, just watch the You Tube videos. Even when you’re not in the mood for a joke these always will be from a simple fake poo on the carpet, to vodka in the milk before uni, to your whole room being foiled.

12. The Note Leaver

This is the one that leaves post-it notes attached around the flatshare. ‘it’s your turn to do the dishes’, ‘can you record corrie for me’, ‘can you pick up some milk’.

13 . The Borrower

This flatmate will always like the stuff you have and will always be asking to borrow things to the point you feel bad and awkward asking for it back, hmm!! my dress didn’t have this ketchup stain the other day!!

14. The Unhygienic One

You move in with one of these and soon realise that slight whiff of body odour your flatmate shares each day, is going to be a big part of your flatshare relationship.

15 . The Hermit

These are the one’s who never go out, Even if the all the roommates are on a night out, this flatmate will always find a reason to stay in and watch TV.

16. The Music DJ Party Animal

You’re just stirring your cup of cocoa, then boom boom boom! Your flatmates stereo goes on to the only volume setting they know ‘Party’. As your night ends, theirs is just getting started. Don’t be surprised in the morning if they're asleep on the landing with a box of pizza.

The people we meet is what makes flatsharing fun, if we were all the same it would be pretty boring. If you do have any issues with another flatmate having a friendly word sooner rather than later can clear the air and bring you closer. Just don’t use a post-it note.

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