Writing your room wanted advert

When registering we recommend you place a room wanted advert as landlords don’t just sit there waiting for e-mails or calls, they use our tenant database searching for tenants looking for rooms in their area.

In this section we’ll give you a little advice on getting your room wanted advert noticed. The best adverts give the reader a good insight into you and what you’re looking for, seeing an advert that just says “need a big room this week call me” might not quite have the effect you want it to, it’s not like writing a dating site advert, so putting a little effort in to it will go a long way.

If you look at it from the landlord’s point of view: they are letting a total stranger into their property so the insight will make this process easier. Being enthusiastic when writing your advert will get you the best response. Below is a list to give you a head start on maybe what to mention and add. If you're still stuck for inspiration, see the demo ad below or check out your rival ads.

This all gives you further scope to finding a room faster, your advert works for you even when you’re not online as people could be calling and e-mailing you instead.

Demo ad

Hello, I’m Nigel, 22, I’ve been living in my own flat for 2 years but now I’m looking for something cheaper so I chose room rental. I still like Manchester and the area so if you have a good sized room preferably en-suite, contact me.

I’m a normal guy, stay in quite a lot but go out for one good night once a month, work different shifts but I am very quiet so I won’t disturb at night. I definitely need wireless internet and a dryer would be handy. I have a car so somewhere to park is essential. If you're an easy going person looking for a lodger I may have filled your vacancy. Give me a call or email.
Last one: I’m allergic to cats.

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