Top 10 tips to finding the ideal tenant

Below we have put together a list of things you should consider and keep in mind when finding the right tenant.

1. Use Flatmate Rooms daily

Logging on to this site as often as possible is going to give you the best chance of finding a tenant, as new tenants are added to our database every couple of minutes with some tenants finding rooms within a couple of hours.

2. Creating your advert

A well created advert should give potential tenants an insight in to the room, property and facilities with a detailed description with good photos and maybe even a video, this should then filter down a good selection of tenants increasing your chances of finding the ideal tenant quicker.

3. Check your e-mail regularly

Every day we will send you a list of new tenants looking for rooms in your area, you’ll also be receiving messages from other interested tenants and advice from us, so when you get chance have a quick check.

4. Renew your advert

If you find your advert dropping down the search rankings just simply click edit on your advert, update details if needed and click save on the bottom of the form. This will get your advert back to the top, editing your ad or turning it back on after if was turned off will always get your advert back to the top of the listings.

5. Reading tenant adverts

Don’t just let the tenants come to you, search through our database of tenant adverts, make sure you read the adverts carefully spotting the one you really like.

6. Save your favourite tenant adverts

Remember to save your favourite advert so you don’t have to go trawling right down the list again.

7. Contact by phone or email

This is where you can give a fuller description of the room and property, create a check-list of details you need from them, start with their name, contact number and a mobile number. Ask if they’re working or a student, reason for moving, do they have any pets or children, do they smoke and do they have references and importantly how long are they looking to rent for, etc. remember to make a note of all your appointments.

8. Before the viewing

Make sure the room is ready, clean and presentable. Have a tidy around the house cleaning any dishes etc., have a list of any more questions you may need to ask.

9. Showing them the room and property

When tenants arrive to the viewing see if there well presented, take your time and give them a good look around the house not just the room, explain the benefits and talk about the local area, access to the town or popular places etc., advising them as to the rent and bond details and when future rent is due. This is where you can ask a bit more about their circumstances and get a clearer picture of the potential tenant, then see if their interested.

10. Are they suitable

Now it’s time to decide if they are suitable, some landlords will make a decision straight away and others may wait for more viewings and make a decision later, remember not to make a rash decision as you will be living with the tenant for the foreseeable future, once you have made your mind up ask the potential tenant for their deposit and first month’s rent and you have yourself a new tenant.

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