Tenant verification services

Tenant verification is commonly used by estate agents to verify people when renting and selling properties.

This is not as common in room rental, which is good. Experian’s credit reports are often misleading. This leads estate agents to turning down good tenants.

Landlords, who trust their gut feeling about the person and their deposit are in better position. Verification reports are to be taken with scepticism about their usefulness or accuracy.

If a landlord does want to do further checks on their tenants, they can use a verification service like Tenant Verifier run by Experian. This can determine if the tenant is who they say they are, check if they have any CCJ’s or have committed fraud.

Credit risk scores and references can be checked too. However landlord needs the tenancy agreement and tenants permission for this.

Tenant Verifier offers you 2 levels of reports to verify potential tenants:

  1. The Instant report — which is delivered to you instantly for £10.85
  2. The Comprehensive report — this is delivered to you once Experian obtained the appropriate references for £21.70

There is an annual license fee to access the Tenant Verifier service of £152 chargeable for each customer.

Source: experian.co.uk/background-checking/tenant-check.html

…there are better ways to spend your money.

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