10 things to include on your moving checklist

When looking to rent a room, it’s always good to have a checklist in place. This will give you a guide to what kind of property, area or rent you’re looking for. We’ve listed a couple of points below to get you started. Print this out and tick off to see if most of your requirements are met.

  1. Rent and bills
    What rent realistically can you afford? Do you have any other outgoings, cars, loans, credit cards etc. Remember that you will have to pay your rent and bond upfront when you move in. If bills are not included can you afford these on top too?
  2. Area
    Whereabouts do you want to live? E.g. if in London, where in London?
  3. Safety and noise
    Is the area safe to live? Is it safe at night? Would you feel comfortable living there for the next 6 Months? Is the area quite? Is the property you’re looking at near a local pub or takeaway that might keep you awake at night?
  4. Property type
    What type of property are you after? A flat, house etc?
  5. Property facilities
    What facilities are you after do you want an en-suite bathroom, maybe a washer dryer and central heating, do you need broadband etc?
  6. Parking
    Do you need parking outside the property, or close by? Is your car safe in the area?
  7. Housemate
    Think of how many people you want to share with. Do you want to share with students, professionals, only males, only females or no preference?
  8. Commuting
    Is it easy to travel to work, town, Uni etc? If you don’t have a car, are the transport links good? Do you have a bus stop or train station nearby?
  9. Local shops
    Would you like a newsagent, takeaway? How far is the nearest supermarket?
  10. Social & leisure
    Are there any local pubs, cinemas, gyms etc. nearby that meet your social interests?

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