🌩️ Issues & disputes with tenants

We always advise landlords and tenants to sort out any issues and disputes sooner rather than later, it’s always best to live together being happy rather than unhappy. Issues can normally vary from loud music, untidiness, unpaid rent, having friends around, smoking and contents damage. So when issues arise, discussing the issue with the tenant normally resolves the problem, if after the conversation these issues arise again, you may have to have a firmer conversation and if there is no resolution you may decide to ask the tenant to leave, explaining the situation to them and referring back to your tenancy agreement and the law on the period of notice that has to be given and advising them if their deposit is going to be affected.

Remember when renting rooms to always consider having landlord insurance and a tenancy agreement in place helping towards any future issues and always check legally where you stand.

If unsure about anything contact your local Citizens Advice Centre.

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