Issues and disputes with other tenants and landlords

We always advise tenants and landlords to sort out any issues and disputes sooner rather than later, it’s always best to live together being happy rather than unhappy. Issues can normally vary from loud music, untidiness, rent, having friends around, other tenants, smoking and contents damage.

Issues and disputes with another tenant

If you have any issues with other tenants it’s always best to have a quick word and come to an easy resolution, if this doesn’t resolve the issue then contact your landlord to help resolve it, if the issue is still not resolved you can check legally where you stand, but if you feel you want to leave then explain the situation to the landlord and give them the required notice in your tenancy agreement.

Issues and disputes with your landlord

If you have any issues or disputes it’s always best to discuss these as soon as possible to help resolve the problem.
i.e.: If your rent is due on Monday and you don’t have the money till Friday, then tell the landlord beforehand. Don’t stay quiet and have the landlord ring you asking where’s the money.

If issues are more serious then have another conversation and if there is no resolution you can check legally where you stand or you may ask to leave or the landlord may ask you to leave, then you would refer back to your tenancy agreement and the law on the period of notice that has to be given and ask the landlord whether your deposit is going to be affected.

When renting rooms, consider having tenant insurance and ask the landlord for a tenancy agreement this will help towards any future issues. Always check legally where you stand.

If unsure about anything contact your local Citizen’s Advice Centre.

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