Employing a housekeeper

If you’re renting several rooms in a property, then it may be a good idea to consider hiring a housekeeper. With multiple tenants in a house things could start getting a little untidy. Maybe the kitchen surface isn’t getting cleaned as good as it should, the oven’s dirty or house could do with a good clean, this is where housekeepers can work a treat and can also help to reduce wear and tear to your property.

Hiring a housekeeper to come around once a week or fortnight can be a massive boost to your offer and doesn’t cost the earth either. You can normally arrange for someone to meet the housekeeper at the property or simply drop a key off with them and they can come and go with no hassle. This is also another great selling point when getting tenants.

Housekeepers can normally be found in your local newspaper or yellow pages, remember to get at least 3 quotes to compare and to check up after the first visit that they have done a good job.

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