Do you need internet access

Finding accommodation with broadband access is essential for most lodgers these days. When browsing through adverts you may still notice some properties may not provide it.
If that's the case with your property or the one your interested in, it’s always best to first ask the landlord if they are willing to provide wireless broadband access. Don’t worry if they won’t because:

Portable wireless broadband (mobile broadband)

Mobile broadband let’s you use the internet virtually anywhere in the UK through a wireless dongle attached to your laptop or PC. It’s easy to set up and cheap to use, which is good for tenants.
One provider we recommend is 3 Mobile. They give you a choice of contract or pay as you go (the main difference is the dongle costs £49.99 on pay as you go and is normally free on contract).

Check out the 3 Mobile pay as you go from £10 a month.

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