Bedroom presentation

The first impression of the rooms you offer are going to be key to your potential flatmate or tenant making a decision, as to whether this is the right property for them. If you find that the room you have to offer is in need of a revamp, to help make it more appealing, the first place you should start is with the walls. If it used to be your kids room or your old room maybe the Power Rangers wall paper or the lilac paint might not be to the tenants taste. Stick with simple natural colours. Check whether the carpet is ok. If it’s looking tired or stained it may need cleaning or replacing.

Next you need to look at what you’re going to put in the room. Normally a good furnished room will consist of a:

You can find most things you need by visiting Argos and if you’re looking for a bed check here.

Remember that if you claim the £4250 tax free rent a room scheme benefit, the room has to be furnished.

As this is going to be the tenant’s private space, you need to make the room as spacious as possible by clearing out any unnecessary items including family photos and personal artefacts. Make sure the bed is in the best position to make the most of the room.

Next let’s have a dust around. If Fred the spider is looking at you from the side of the room, tell him he’s not welcome any more. Gentle persuasion with a TV magazine normally works best.

So now your room is clean, tidy and presentable, just remember to open windows regularly, spray around and get ready for the viewings. Most of all, have fun.

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