📖 Basic room rental rules

In this section we just wanted to cover a few room rental basics, most of this you’ll know anyway but thought it was worth mentioning. The point to it all is to have fun and enjoy your tenancy but remember to treat the property and landlord how you’d like to be treated.

Clean and tidy

Remember to wash up, not to leave laundry hanging around, give your room a hoover and a dust etc. Seeing a mouldy coffee cup on the side may not take the landlord’s fancy.

Ask the landlord if you want people to stay

If your mate ends up in A&E because your landlord went all kung fu and thought a burglar broke in then maybe you should have mentioned something.


Check how high you have your TV and Music on, if your landlord's watching a quiet nature program and the lion opens his mouth then he suddenly hears “let meeee entertain you” maybe you should turn Robbie down a bit.


You may think a little cat will brighten up the house, but when the landlord goes to bed to find a nice stroking on his legs thinking he’s pulled. Finds out it's Molly the cat. That may not go down well. Just always ask if they would allow a pet.

Drinking & parties

Drink sensibly and ask if you’re thinking of having a few friends over. Being sick in your landlord’s work shoes won’t get you on the Christmas present list.


If you damage an item, replace it or ask if it can be taken from the bond but most of all be honest. You never know he may even have it insured. Refilling your landlord's favourite Joop aftershave with Tesco’s brand may not work.

Painting and fittings

If your thinking of putting up a few shelves or giving the room a lick, again ask. Pink may not go down well with the next tenant.


If there is any problems, sort these out with the landlord sooner rather than later. This will make for a more enjoyable living experience. Because the landlord’s getting at you for being messy probably doesn’t entitle you to hide his DVD collection.


Always pay rent on time and if you have trouble, tell the landlord straight away to see if your can sort something out.

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